Billie Holiday and Masters of Jazz Serie

The excellent serie “Masters of Jazz” stopped at volume 17 for Billie Holiday following the problems encountered by the company which went out of business.

Christian Bonnet, the re-issue producer and I decided to continue the serie for Lady Day at our expense ; but using the same studio.

We therefore were able to provide the same exceptional quality as the original serie.

Each volume is released at 100 copies only and are only sold throught private channels like here and not available in stores.

Volume 18 covers the 1949-1950 period, mainly Decca recording sessions, and also provides a rare Vocalion 22924 Take 1.

Volume 19 covers the Storyville sessions with an extremely rare “Detour Ahead” with Stan Getz newly discovered.

Volume 20 & 21 cover the period of 1952-1954 and include a rare interview of Billie and Louis McKay in Sweden, during the European Tour (Jazz Club USA).

*Volume 22 covers the period from sept 25, 1954 to Aug 25, 1955. It includes the famous Art Shapiro rehearsal; only the musical part which was completely remastered.

*Volume 23 goes from Feb 10, 1956 to Oct 27, 1956 and includes the rehearsal at William Dufty home. IT INCLUDES A VERY RARE AND UNISSUED LOVER MAN FROM JATP AT CARNEGIE HALL FROM SEPT. 13 1952.

#Volume 24 covers the period from 8/11/56 to 6/7/57 and includes the famous Carnegie Hall Concert of nov 56. Also two rare tracks from “Portrait in Music” with Percy Faith and two tracks from Mister Kelly’s.

  1. Volume 25 goes from Aug. 1957 to Sept. 1958.It starts with the rare tracks from Stratford Jazz Festival. Of course the marvelous recordings from the Sound of Jazz.

To follow , the entire Art Ford’s Jazz Party and the tracks with Buck Clayton.

Volume 26.. the last one of the discography.. is now available. It runs from the Monterey Festival in Nov. 58 to thr death of Billie. Also the rare “Take3” of “Practice Makes Perfect” of 1940.

Price of each CD: 15 euros or US $ 25.- priority mail included.

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