Michel Fontanes


Michel Fontanes graduated from Paris and New York University and worked for 25 years with the Pernod Ricard Group.

Until 1998 he was Chairman and CEO of the Orangina Group, where he launched the Lambada dance in 1988.

Michel is also an active band leader of his own Dixieland Group: The Dixie Brothers 6 and has played in many countries around the world and in Paris at the famous « Petit Journal ».

Michel remembers: « I discovered Billie Holiday late in life and by sheer luck when I bought a long playing record of the 44 Esquire Metropolitan Opera House concert.

Billie had won the female vocal category and sang three numbers. At that time Billie was at her best both as a singer and as a beautiful woman. In brief she had everything to attract me!! »

Since that date, Michel has become a specialist of Lady Day, especially thanks to Jack Millar who was until he died in July 99
the world specialist of all Billie disco and other matters.Jack Millar was probably the inspiration behind the production of the book « Billie and Paris ».

Michel has almost all what exists in term of recordings of Billie Holiday. He collects 78RPM, first press and has more than 150 old records of Billie.

Michel’s personal discography available on request.

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